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Title : Mr. Dr
Name : Gavin Snow
Country : South Africa, Gauteng and Eastern Cape
Organisation name : University of the Witwatersrand
Department / section : School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences
E-mail :
Telephone : 0117176469
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : I am an Aquatic Ecologist who has experience in working in freshwater, estuarine, coastal and marine environments. My primary focus has been on relating abiotic drivers (water quality and quantity) to the abundance, diversity and community structure of microalgae (phytoplankton and benthic microalgae). I am currently exploring the use of environmental DNA as a tool to monitor changes in diatom community composition in response to changes in the environment (including the effects of cultural eutrophication and climate change).
I am working on :
Marine Biology
Keywords : aquatic ecology, diatoms, biogeochemistry, nutrient cycling, bioindicators, microalgae, environmental flow
Project description : Based on the focus of biodiversity, I would be interested in broad projects that are investigating how the changes associated with climate change, or global change, are impacting on the diversity within aquatic ecosystems.
Networking opportunities : I have no plans to attend any conferences in the near future.

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