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project DI (MSc) Pollak Austria We are looking for projects and partners on any environmental topics, but especially on agriculture, pesticide reduction and biodiversity enhancement and conservation. Information on ongoing projects can be found at
project Professor BOUAZIZ Tunisia the effect of climate change on the olive tree.
partner Assoc. Prof. Dr. Güngöroglu Turkey We are planning a project on consequences of climate change on biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people in our province. We have a platform created by various institutions (office of governorship, forest, agriculture, environment, protected areas) at local level with high motivation. Our pr...
project Assistant professor Gorai Tunisia I am interested to understand the key mechanisms involved in drought-induced mortality of threatened woody species (trees and shrubs) in arid and hyper-arid regions of within a conservation strategy for preventing future species declines.
project Dr. Borgwardt Austria looking for a project on biodiversity patterns impacted by climate change, ecosystem services and links to biodiversity
partner Prof. ABDELKAFI Tunisia (Associate Partner) Our research team would like to join a multidisciplinary project concerning marine biodiversity (Microalgae, Macroalgae and Bacteria).
project Prof. Pereira Portugal We are experts in phytochemistry and have a strong experience in characterizing the composition of plant materials/extracts/formulations. We also have a strong background in the biological evaluation of natural products (antimicrobial/anti-inflammatory/anticancer).
project PhD Polak POLAND biodiversity, livestock, native breeds, genetic
project Dr Mirimin Ireland Looking to be involved in and contribute to a project on marine biodiversity using molecular tools. I am interested in a wide range of taxa, but most importantly species of commercial value and/or non-indigenous invasive species.
project Dr Carraz FRANCE Pluridisciplinar projects dealing with biodiversity
partner Professor Wigge Germany We are seeking partners in the area of understanding how plants (either in natural ecosystems or crops) will respond to climate change. We are seeking to address this across scales, and interested in a broad range of potential collaborators who can write an interdisciplinary project with us. Suitabl...
project Dr. Pappas Greece Consequences of climate change on biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people Climate-biodiversity feedback processes Potential of nature-based solutions for mitigating and adapting to climate change
project Associate Professor Assefa Ethiopia I would like to join a project focusing on climate change, adaptation and mitigation; sutainability; landscape dynamics; natural resource survey, use and management.
project Dr Bastida Spain We will be interested to join a project which needs a partner working in soil science, and particularly in sustainability and fertility topics. Our latest research lines entails to understand how agricultural practices and climate change impacts in soil biodiversity. We are focused in soil microbial...
project PhD Martinho Portugal Our team is looking for a project on climate change effects on coastal/estuarine ecosystems.
project Dr Snow South Africa Based on the focus of biodiversity, I would be interested in broad projects that are investigating how the changes associated with climate change, or global change, are impacting on the diversity within aquatic ecosystems.
project PhD Lima Portugal Projects on coastal biodiversity and climate change
project Prof Shackleton South Africa As indicated above we are particular interested in joining a projects focusing on NbS and linking mitigation and adaptation. Given the SA context we are interested in two broad areas - trees in landscapes (good, bad, when, why, what....) and/or limits to EbA. Comparative work would be exciting.
project Dr. Gavojdian Romania I am interested in joining project proposals on cattle breeding and related fields.
project Dr Fedorca Romania Connectivity Conservation Large landscapes Landscape genetics Population genetics
partner Dr Tay Malaysia Identifying the genus or species of a piece of wood is not a trivial task. However, this is an essential technique to empower the enforcement officers to take necessary actions against those who break the laws. Today, the wood identification process is either very slow (days or weeks) or expensive. ...
project Dr. Yumurtaci Turkey I am looking for joining the projects about selection and development of resistant crops for sustainable agricultural practices under climate change. Integrated cultivating systems and crop production under harsh conditions is important. Additionally, new agricultural phenotyping techniques to acce...
project MSc. Food Engineer Kocer TUrkey We, as institute, would like to be join the projects which is agrobased and related to foods.
project Dr Schroeder Italy I am interested in projects concerning climate change impacts on the marine environment
project Univ. Prof. Freyer Austria there are due to the current relativly broad engagement of the working group "transdisciplinary systems research" with currently 12 PhDs... several entry points: see also the expertise description: 1) in the EU project we currently develop for 8 cities around the world the implementation of nature b...
project Prof. Stalidzans Latvia Impact of substrate change to the phenotype and metabolic by-products, interactions between organisms via metabolites and other processes depending on the available data.
project Researcher Dace LATVIA We are interested in projects over a broad thematic and especially those that are aimed at developing solutions and policies for greenhouse gas emission abatement, climate change mitigation, effects of climate change on biodiversity and vice versa, sustainable development of agro-ecosystems, sustain...
project Dr Asli Israel Climate change, plant stress responeses, environmental engineering and protection
project Dr Fisher Australia I am interested to join the call on Biodiversity and Climate Change, in particular the inter-linkages between a changing climate and the implications this may have on degrading natural landscapes. So in particular establishing solutions which may reduce the negative impacts on biodiversity, this may...
partner Associate Professor MUTHUVEL INDIA Project Theme: Assessment of Valuable Marine Resources from the Bio Trashes of Fish landing centre in east coast of Tamilnadu, India. A lot of bio-trashes have been dumped into the landing centre due to the untargeted fishing practices in our coast. Apart from the fishes, a lot of other valuable re...
project Prof. Silva Portugal We would participate in projects adressing links between climate change and the future management of grasslands and/or forests, along gradients of management intensity. Links with the duality between native and alien species would also be of interest.
project Professor Neifar Tunisia We would like to join a multidisciplinary project dealing with marine biodiversity.
project Prof. Cunha Portugal I have interest in joining projects under the broad thematics of: - Plant microbiomes - plant growth promoting bacteria - biofertilizers
project PhD Pita Portugal We offer a social science team and would like to collaborate as research partner on project focused in the marine environment. We can offer socioeconomic impacts of CC, adaptation measures to CC. Experience with fisheries and coastal communities, provisioning and cultural ES. Languages spoken: Portu...
project Professor Klavins Latvia I would be glad to join: 1. Projects dedicated to studies of long term changes in the environment and impacts of climate change at ecosystem levels 2. Climate change and bogs 3. Climate changes and diversity of surface waters
project M.Sc Bourouah Germany We would like to collaborate as research partner. We can offer the developement of System for measuring the soil parameter (NPK Mg ...) on-site. Development of online measurement system for soil or any extract, Hardware developement, Spectrometry for online analysis of nutrients and extracts.
project Dr Atlan France My research themes have gradually evolved from a biological approach focused on population genetics and evolutionary ecology to an interdisciplinary approach to biodiversity that integrates the human sciences, mainly environmental sociology, but also environmental ethics and social geography. My cur...
project Master (PhD ending in March 2020 Righett... Portugal - Environmental Conservation - Species monitoring - Population Ecology - Environmental sustainability - Disaster Risk Assessment - Natural Hazards
partner Lic De Klerck Belgium see Description of expertise/skills
project Prof. Dr. Sarmento Cabral Germany I would like to join projects that focus on the role of one or more human-induced environmental change on biodiversity, mostly on population sizes, species richness, biomass, range and distributions.
project Research engineer Risch France Interesting projects where I could contribute with the life cycle assessment expertise and systems thinking include: blue-green infrastructures in cities, stormwater management in the face of climate change at an urban catchment scale for present & prospective climatic conditions, finding tradeoffs ...
project Dr. Scient. Shalchian-Tabrizi Norway I am interested to collaborate on biodiversity and functional microbiology. I am looking for partners with expertise on modelling and advanced network analysis. In particular studies of agricultural soil. My group can contribute with advanced bioinformatics, soil samples, sampling methods, taxonomy,...
project MsC MISIR TURKEY Any project regarding with climate change and biodiversity
project Ing. Skalský Czech republic I am looking for a project focusing on protection of fruit crops, studying biodiversity of pests and beneficial organisms, impact of pesticides on environment, monitoring and studying pollinators and othe topic corresponding with protection of fruit crops.
project Bc. Mgr. Ph.D Bohovic Czech Republic Climate change adaptation measurement through Earth Observation.
project Prof. Dr. Baysal Turkey To better understand the effects of climate change on agroecosystems, and the spread of pathogens infecting human and plants, a detailed study based on genomic and transcriptomic level is necessary. We aim to investigate the effect of a warming climate on disease symptoms in infected hosts that chan...
partner Dr. Schnauder Austria Climate change imposes significant pressures on rivers (droughts, flash floods) which requires adaptive approaches in protection, restoration and maintenance. We want to establish a field research station for research on rivers (flow, sediments, vegetation, ecology) including environmental educatio...
project Dr. Kaplan Czech Republic We are looking for a project to join: We are interested in cooperation in research of changes in plant diversity and distribution due to climate change and human activity. We offer our experience in investigation of plant diversity, taxonomy, phytogeography, hybridization, endangered plants and ende...
project Dr. Sehr Austria We are interested in any kind of projects that inlcude aspects of (plant, microbial | genetic) diversity, plant-microbe-interaction, genomics and transcriptomics, and related bioinformatics.
project Dr Milcu France French Ecotrons are a new generation after that of London Ecotron in Silwood Park and that of the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada. They are characterised by a larger number of experimental units (at least 12 per platform) and are better equipped and instrumented, which allows to study inte...
project Eng. Keren Israel as a private company on the mediterranean seashore any project that need a batasite in Israel will work for us
project Assoc. Prof. Westerberg Sweden I am looking for a broad thematic project, preferably en element of landscape management or how to prioritize between landuse for multiple purposes.
project Prof. Sternberg Israel Please see: I am looking for something similar
partner PhD García Spain Sea level rise is one of the main impacts for coastline. Our project is based on the search for nature-based solutions to improve coastal resilience. We are looking for partners to develop a research project focused on this topic. Our team consists of researchers from the University of Cantabria and...
project Dr. Jean-François France We are searching for potential projects about climate-biodiversity-ecosystem feedbacks that would require advanced tools for climate control, ecosystem monitoring and process measurements.
project PhD Lutovinovas Lithuania Evaluation of population dynamics of threatened or harmful species in the study area, but also in the wider sense, when joining people working abroad, and taking into account the climate changing.
project Associate Professor Ghaley Denmark I am looking to join a project or a project consortium to investigate the relationship between the climate change, agroecosystem systems and above/below-ground biodiversity within the theme "Potential of nature-based solutions for mitigating and adapting to climate change". I am also open to other i...
project Research Associate FRS-FNRS Wilmotte Belgium Projects to join: Molecular diversity of cyanobacteria in different biotopes Study and detection of the cyanotoxins produced during blooms in freshwater Adaptations of cyanobacteria to environmental conditions, especially for strains of Polar Regions
project Eng. Cachão Portugal Projects related to grapevine or wine issues as well with sustainability or rural development.
project Ms. Bitlis Turkey We would like to join a project focusing on (1) impact analysis of climate change on natural resources or resource vulnerability of a certain production sector dependent on natural raw materials or (2) impacts of climate change on agricultural production and rural development. We can provide ou...
project Assoc. Prof. Horak Czech Republic I am looking for a project dealing with conceptual ecological questions related to biodiversity patterns and maintanence. Specifically, on projects dealing with ecological space use with implications for theoretical foundations of community assembly as well as nature conservation. I would be happy t...
project PhD Sanz-Lazaro Spain • Consequences of climate change on biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people • Climate-biodiversity feedback processes • Potential of nature-based solutions for mitigating and adapting to climate change
project engineer Tello Spain We are looking for a research project in which we can collaborate, since we have experience both as European project collaborators and coordinators. Our research focuses on the study of cultivated fungi, however, in recent years our field of study has expanded with molecular techniques (ultrasequenc...
project Doctor Sari Turkey Whether Leopard live in Turkey or not has continues been still serious a matter of debate. The existence of Leopard was confirmed by photograps which taken by us in the my Phd Studies. Also, these photograps are for the first time taken photos of Leopard in natural habitat conditions. According to t...
project PhD Nocchi Spain marine biotoxins, marine natural products, marine secondary metabolite, marine biotechnology
project ir Knol The Netherlands We look for a project on inter-relations between climate change and biodiversity in Europe. Relations in two directions: a) the pressures that changes in climate exert on the occurrence of species, and b) how active nature management may affect or mitigate climate variables like temperature and drou...
project Dr Lafont France We are looking for inter- multi-disciplinary projects
project Dr Marescaux Belgium We are looking for projects, which can use our expertise : microbiota in soil, microbiome biodiversity monitoring, green cities developpement, invasive species, ...
project Dr. Ay Turkey I would like to join a project focusing on microbiota fluctuation in fertile agricultural soils. Also, any project on microbial diversity or microbial metabolism will fit into my expertise and interests.
project PhD/HDR(French title) rossi France I am interested in ecosystem services provision by marine coastal systems and how they change following climate change
project Ing. Munzarova Czech Republic development of textiles (laminates) containing nanofibers for the protection of plants and fruits, vegetables (containing insecticide or fungicides) development of fabric reducing water evaporation when planting trees, crops
project Dr. KAYA Turkey We would like to join a project which our expertise in Olive sector. We would be interested to join a project dealing with climate change effects of Olive and Olive oil.
project Researcher Pimple Thailand I am interested to develop the mapping and monitoring of coastal ecosystems in southeast Asia and looking for new collaborations and joint projects between interdisciplinary researchers. Currently, I am involved with project RESCuE consortium (
partner Dr. Gerdts Germany Oysters and mussels holobionts under anthropogenic pressure: Does climate change affect the microbiome of ecologically and economically important bivalves? (more detailed description soon; after summer holidays)
project research assistant Grządziel Poland broad thematic; especially: microbial biodiversity, bioinformatics analysis, structural and functional microbial diversity
partner Dr. AKÇA UÇKUN Turkey I am planning a Project on the olive propagation areas under the influence of climate change in Turkey. Hence, I looking for partners relevant with Plant Protection, Geographical Informations System and Monitoring, Mapping and Remote Systems, Stress Physiology (Drought, High Temperature etc, enzyms)...
partner Dr Foereid Norway We are planning a project on fertilizing forest to increase productivity as climate mitigation, and also include other effects such as on biodiversity.
partner PhD, DVM, Associate Proffessor Larska Poland epizootiology/epidemiology; virology; vector-borne diseases, arboviruses, wildlife (European bison; cervids), ruminants, horses
project PhD Gazo Spain We would like to be involved in a project which includes marine biodiversity and conservation, where we can be of help.
project Dr. Kaçal Türkiye Fruit Research Station, Eğirdir is a section depending on the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. It was established in 1994 however its history goes far back. As an organization, Eğirdir has been carrying out training, research and production activities with different nam...
project Dr. Cebrián-Torrejón France We are looking for projects, which can use our expertise in phytochemistry or chemical ecology (plant/insect interactions). We would be interested to join a project dealing with climate change impact to biodiversity, plants health and sustainability, medicinal and aromatic plants, nutritive plants, ...
project Dr. UNLU Turkey We are looking for projects, which can use our expertise in agriculture sector. We would be interested to join a project dealing with climate change impact to water resources, soil health and sustainability, biodiversity, vegetable, fruit, field cropss, medicinal and aromatic plants, pest and diseas...
project Professor La Rocca Italy I would like to join a project that has its focus on the challanges that cities are called to face in this and the next years. My opinion is that a multidisciplinary approach is needed in order to gain some useful results
project Dr Lennard South Africa I would like to join a project that examines the direct and indirect impacts of global warming in the context of local, regional and global threat and extinction. I am particularly interested in investigating the impact different degrees of global warming (e.g. 1.5 vs 2 vs 3 vs 4 degrees) will hav...
partner Dr. Schmidt Czech Republic I am planning a project on the ecosystem services in groundwater and how they will change under changing climate.
project PhD Heleno Portugal Looking forward to join and collaborate on a strong, broad-scale project on the ecological aspects of climate and global change at the community level.
project Associate Professor Akyol Turkey I am interested in any type of collaboration (broad thematic). We are currently investigating the future distribution of some species using maxent. And we investigate the social and economic effects of this distribution. I would especially like to focus on the social and economic impacts of econom...
project Assist Prof Ozdemir Turkey broad thematic
project Prof. Steinberger Israel Will be happy to join a ecosystem level study - on the role of soil biota related to desert or agroecosystem
project PhD Armalyte Lithuania We would be interested to join a project dealing with climate change impact to microorganism cummunities composition, or a multidisciplinary project involving a microorganism-related facet.
project PhD Grimaldi France I would be very interested to join a project mainly concerning the climatic impacts from agroecological practices
project assistant Nesheva Bulgaria broad thematic
project Associate Professor Verheggen Belgium I work on climate change and insect-plant interactions in agricultural context
project Dr. Mudelsee Germany It would be great to work in a project with other people: (1) who generate good data (ecology, environmental sciences, climatology, meteorology) and (2) who have interesting questions and hypotheses about the data-generating system. Statistical methods can provide quantitative results. Statistics a...
project PhD Shelef Israel Management and conservation of biodiversity promoting diversity supporting practices in agriculture
project PhD Cohen-Zinder ISRAEL Using Moringa oleifera as a fooder crop for improving growth performances, feed efficiency and product quality in livestock
project Dr Gouliamova Bulgaria broad thematic
project Dr Shabtay Israel Adaptation of indiginous cattle to low quality forage
project Associate Professor Dimitrov Bulgaria broad thematic
project PhD Capinha Portugal Potentially interested in joining projects dealing with biological invasions.
project Eng Ahn Belgium We are looking for projects, which can use our expertise in microbiology and molecular biology, specific microorganisms or scientific service around these microorganisms. We are open to a broad variety of topics. Please feel free to contact and discuss possible projects with us!
project Lecturer in Zoology delBarco-Trillo Ireland I am interested in any type of collaboration, particularly highly multidisciplinary ones
project Full Professor Delerue-Matos Portugal The planet resources cannot support the arise of human population, especially considering the actual consumption rates and the climatic changes that conducted to new problems in the field of food quality/safety. Considering our projects recently funded (please see our EoI) and our group expertise, o...
project dr. Bagnara Italy mainstreaming biodiversity into agri-food value-chain