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Title : Mr. Univ. Prof.
Name : Bernhard Freyer
Country : Austria, Vienna
Organisation name : Division of Organic Farming
Department / section : Sustainable Agricultural Systems
E-mail :
Telephone : 004369912711323
Web address :

My expertise / skills : Farming systems research - North and South

Currently working on
1. a farmer oriented ecosystems service model for Ethiopia
2. agroforestry systems North and South
3. food system transformation / scenarios for the city of Vienna in collaboration with the City administration
4. Nature based solutions with a social dimensions in urban areas (Horizont "EdicitNet)
... and others...
I am working on :
Anthropology and ethnology
Crop Production
Crop Science
Environmental Psychology
Sociology of the Environment
Keywords : systems, transdisciplinarity, scenarios, organic farming systems north and south, urban food systems, ethcis, environmental sociology
Project description : there are due to the current relativly broad engagement of the working group "transdisciplinary systems research" with currently 12 PhDs... several entry points:
see also the expertise description:
1) in the EU project we currently develop for 8 cities around the world the implementation of nature based solutions with an social dimension into urban master plans with a methodology named transition pathways- systems / scenarios / transfer development
2) we have a lot of expertise in farming systems and just closed a report for WWF Germany on resetting German agriculture system including a review on biodiversity and environmental impact, farm economy and direct payment (will be published these days)
3) currently 5 PhDs on farming and environment in East Africa; ecosystems service model under development for GIZ ethiopia
4) Food strategy for Vienna
5) and of course profound knowledge in organic farming

thus many opportunities,... and we are fast in writing ... and supporting proposals
Networking opportunities : Tropentag University of Kassel 18-20.9.2019
project meetings:October: Girona and Lisboa

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