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Title : Mr. Assoc. Prof.
Name : Lars Westerberg
Country : Sweden, Östergötland
Organisation name : Linköping university
Department / section : IFM Biology
E-mail :
Telephone : 46707168685
Web address : Linköping University
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : I have spend most of my research on spatial ecology, modelling and simulations, and running statistical analysis on big monitoring data. I often do landscape ecology focusing on conservation ecology, mainly gis-analysis and analysis of scale dependence on biodiversity in pastures and meadows, and deciduous forests [b,c] but also meta-analysis [c]. I am also interested in designing monitoring programs (assignment for Swedish EPA and county administrative boards), in particular to determine sample size and how to analyse the data. I am currently combining monitoring data of bumblebees diversity and management of field margins/use of neo-nicotinoids/surrounding alternative habitats, in a project for the Swedish Board of Agriculture.
a. Westerberg et al. (2017). Spatial pattern of occurrence of epiphytic lichens on oaks in a heterogeneous landscape. Acta oecologica, 84, 64-71.
b. Bergman et al. (2018). Butterflies in Swedish grasslands benefit from forest and respond to landscape composition at different spatial scales. Landscape ecology, 33(12), 2189-2204.
c. Milberg et al. (2018). Annual burning of semi‐natural grasslands for conservation: winners and losers among plant species. Nordic Journal of Botany, 36(5), njb-01709.
I am working on :
Conservation Biology
Landscape ecology
Plant Sciences
Population Biology
Theoretical Biology
Urban Ecology
Keywords : landscape, scale, sample design, monitoring, conservation, biodiversity, meta analysis, gis
Project description : I am looking for a broad thematic project, preferably en element of landscape management or how to prioritize between landuse for multiple purposes.
Networking opportunities : OIKOS 2020

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