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Title : Mr. Eng.
Name : Ofer Keren
Country : Israel, ---please Select---
Organisation name : Keren energy
E-mail :
Telephone : +972547703717
Web address : haala 5
Link to research gate
or equivalent :
p o box 214

My expertise / skills : Mr. Ofer Keren is a Practical Engineer in Machine and Energy and a certified electrician licensed for high voltage; He holds a degree in Business Administration and in Mechanical and Electronics practical engineering. He has over 25 years of experience in the Energy Efficiency field, strengthening related methodological creative thinking in industries and with many organizations and stakeholders; Mr. Keren has developed innovative tailor-made solutions, methodologies and procedures specific to each actor. He has proven over the years that every organization can reduce a third of its energy consumption by means of «good behavior» and has co-founded two leading companies in the Energy Efficiency field.

Mr. Keren acted as the lead Local Expert in Israel for the EU funded Ces-Med project, facilitating the adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) initiative and developing SEAPs/ SECAPs for selected municipalities. He has co-written two national reports regarding financial and policy aspects on Sustainable Future and Climate Change Readiness policies and applications.
I am working on :
Civil engineering and urban infrastructure (construction and transport)
Energy and Fuels
Mechanical engineering
Keywords : energy efficiency, economy, sustainable, ecosystem, combine heat and power, shadow, geothermic system
Project description : as a private company on the mediterranean seashore any project that need a batasite in Israel will work for us
Networking opportunities : Keren Energy

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