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Title : Ms. Full Professor
Name : Cristina Delerue-Matos
Country : Portugal
Organisation name : REQUIMTE/LAQV, Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto
E-mail :
Telephone : +351933427544
Web address :
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My expertise / skills : GRAQ belongs to LAQV-REQUIMTE, which is recognized as Associated Laboratory designation used exclusively for laboratories classified as excellent by international evaluation panels. The GRAQ main areas of activity are (1) Analytical Chemistry (Quality Control, Food Safety, Public Health and Environmental Factors, Nanotechnology and Biosensors), (2) Environment (Remediation Technologies, Ecotoxicity Studies, Air Pollution) and (3) Sustainability (Life Cycle Analysis, Risk Analysis).
GRAQ is a vast and multidisciplinary team. The development of analytical methods for environmental contaminants based on chromatographic, spectrophotometric and (nano)biosensing tool. The team has also a large experience in nutritional evaluation of raw and processed foods and in the agri-food wastes valorisation. Our main strengths are (1) high work capacity (proven by the high number of scientific articles published); (2) vast number of international collaborations; (3) integration in several European projects; (4) capacity of self-funding; (5) extensive collaboration with industry and (6) receptivity to form young researchers.
Equipment available, it should be highlighted: (1) GC-ECD; GC-MS/MS, GC-FID; GC-FPD; (2) LC-PDA-FLD; LC-MS/MS; (3) atomic and molecular spectrometry; UV-Vis spectrophotometer; Multi-mode microplate reader…); (4) microwave for digestion and extraction; (5) freeze dryer; (6) laminar flow cabinet and incubator for cell culture assays; (6) climate chamber with illumination…
I am working on :
Diagnosis (microarray and biosensing devices for early / precise detection of diseases)
Plant Protection
Keywords : analytical methodologies; chromatography, development of (bio)sensors for analytical control; enviromental and food quality; water quality and
Project description : The planet resources cannot support the arise of human population, especially considering the actual consumption rates and the climatic changes that conducted to new problems in the field of food quality/safety. Considering our projects recently funded (please see our EoI) and our group expertise, our proposal is to stablish collaborations to develop strategies to (1) contribute to ensure food quality and safety; (2) evaluate new/emerging contaminants that appear on food as a consequence of environmental alterations; (3) develop fast screening methods based on (bio)sensors for specific contaminants and degradation products; (4) characterize contaminants bio accessibility, bioavailability and synergistic/antagonistic effects; (5) evaluate human health risk assessment due to the exposure to contaminants; (6) found new sources of food based on food wastes and by-products as an adaptive strategy; (7) develop new functional and nutraceutical food products. Young researchers (PhD and master students) could improve their knowledge, sharing expertise and stimulating new ideas. Thus, based on our historic collaboration with different industries in the field of food and cosmetic, we also have the possibility to perform the scale up processes of the products developed.
Networking opportunities : IUPAC 2019 Congress
SPQ Congress
Conference on Food Contaminants: challenges on risk assessment (ICFC2019)

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