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Title : Ms. Research Associate FRS-FNRS
Name : Annick Wilmotte
Country : Belgium, Wallonia
Organisation name : University of Liege
Department / section : Life Sciences/InBios Centre for Protein Engineering/ BCCM culture collection of cyanobacteria
E-mail :
Telephone : +3243663387
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : Molecular approaches to taxonomy and ecology of cyanobacteria
Microbial biodiversity and phylogeny
Planktonic cyanobacteria forming toxic blooms in surface waters
Biogeography of polar cyanobacteria (Antarctic and Arctic)
Genomic research on Arthrospira (‘spirulina’) and polar cyanobacteria, and search for secondary metabolites
Importance of cyanobacteria in the search for life traces in fossil rocks, including the UV-screening pigments
Conservation of the Antarctic ecosystems and microbial terrestrial biotopes
I am working on :
Conservation Biology
Keywords : biodiversity, cyanobacteria, polar regions, cyanotoxins, blooms, biogeography, genomics, cultures, phylogeny, ecology
Project description : Projects to join:
Molecular diversity of cyanobacteria in different biotopes
Study and detection of the cyanotoxins produced during blooms in freshwater
Adaptations of cyanobacteria to environmental conditions, especially for strains of Polar Regions
Networking opportunities : European Phycological Congress in Zagreb, August 2019
SCAR OSC conference, Hobart (AUS), 2020

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