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Title : Mrs. PhD
Name : Nathália Nocchi
Country : Spain, Canary Island
Organisation name : Bioorganic Institute - University of La Laguna
E-mail :
Telephone : (+34) 922 318 587
Web address :
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My expertise / skills : The Marine Natural Products Group has been developing for years a continuous search for new bioactive metabolites of marine origin. This is a consolidated and internationally recognized research line. The group is currently focusing on marine biotoxins produced by microalgae, such as toxins related to red tide. They are focusing on the extraction, quantification and purification of biotoxins and bioactive substances; cytotoxicity and development of new cellular models; and microalgae biotechnology. The group developed protocols for medium- and large-scale cultures of marine microalgae and marine bacteria, from which they also developed optimized extraction and isolation processes for the identification and characterization of major and minority metabolites and new derivatives of bioactive interest. Furthermore, since the molecules produced by microalgae are extremely complex polymeric toxins that exhibit powerful biological activity, they have been a real challenge for their stereochemical assignment. In this sense, the group made advanced use of homo and heteronuclear coupling measurements, finding elegant solutions based on the joint use of NMR and computational calculations for structural problems that can be used by other research groups in their problems. In parallel, the group also develops biosynthetic study of polyester toxins.
I am working on :
Bioprocesses and Applied Microbiology
Organic Chemistry
Keywords : marine biotoxins, bioactive substances, marine natural products, marine secondary metabolite, marine biotechnology, marine microbiate, medium- and large-scale cultures
Project description : marine biotoxins, marine natural products, marine secondary metabolite, marine biotechnology
Networking opportunities : There is the possibility of trips to meet with partners

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