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Looking for : a project to join

Title : Ms. Dr.
Name : Hilal Ay
Country : Turkey, Samsun
Organisation name : Ondokuz Mayis University
Department / section : Molecular Biology and Genetics
E-mail :
Telephone : +903623121919-5425
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : My expertise is on microbial systematics and biotechnology in general. I have publications about novel actinobacterial species isolated from extreme habitats. I also focus on biotechnological potential of actinobacteria, i.e. secondary metabolites with bioactivity and plant growth promoting characteristics. Currently, I am contributing a project on plant growth promoting actinobacteria isolated from halophile plant roots. Also, I have recently proposed two projects which will be on anthelmintic metabolites from actinobacteria to be used in veterinary and bioactive metabolites from novel actinobacteria.
I am working on :
Bioprocesses and Applied Microbiology
Cellular Biology
Molecular Biology
Plant Protection
Keywords : microbial diversity, metagenomics, microbiota, plant growth promoting bacteria, microbial secondary metabolites, genome analysis, bioinformatics
Project description : I would like to join a project focusing on microbiota fluctuation in fertile agricultural soils. Also, any project on microbial diversity or microbial metabolism will fit into my expertise and interests.
Networking opportunities : The next conference that I will attend is Eurasian Congress on Molecular Biotechnology in September 2019.

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