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Title : Mrs. Ing.
Name : Marcela Munzarova
Country : Czech Republic
Organisation name : Nano Medical s.r.o.
E-mail :
Telephone : +420777607706
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :
Nanofibres, nanotechnology application in agriculture. Application of nanofibrous layer as carrier of insecticides, antifungicides. Application of nanofibrous membranes in microclimate formation (water saving in plant growing), acceleration of growth.

My expertise / skills : nanofibres membranes production from diferent polymers, also diodegradable, lamination of nanofibres membrane with textile materiales (nonwovens,knits),
parameters of air and steam permeability of laminates control,
nanofibres structure functionalization with bioactive compounds (antimicrobiale, insects, antifungicide).
I am working on :
Keywords : nanotechnology 1, nanofibres 2, insekticids 3, fungicids 4, water saving 5
Project description : development of textiles (laminates) containing nanofibers for the protection of plants and fruits, vegetables (containing insecticide or fungicides)

development of fabric reducing water evaporation when planting trees, crops
Networking opportunities : none

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