BiodivClim Joint call: partner / project search entry

Looking for : a project to join

Title : Ms. Assist Prof
Name : Sebnem Ozdemir
Country : Turkey, Sivas
Organisation name : Sivas Cumhuriyet University
Department / section : Faculty of Communication
E-mail :
Telephone : +905326404564
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : I have been studying "Sustainability Communication" and "Behavioral Insights/Intervention Design"

Currently running 2 projects related to environmental protection and biotech.

Looking for a project where I can use my expertise in behavioral design (interventions) and/or science communication.

Best regards...
I am working on :
Environmental Psychology
Information sciences and communication
Management sciences
Sociology of the Environment
Keywords : science communication, climate communication, sustainability communication, behavioral design, choice architecture, behavioral insights.
Project description : broad thematic
Networking opportunities : Any suggestions will be welcome

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