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Title : Prof.
Name : Yosef Steinberger
Country : Israel
Organisation name : Bar Ilan University
Department / section : Faculty of Life Sciences
E-mail :
Telephone : + 0528321499
Web address :

My expertise / skills : Since the early 1982, I am conducting studies on different aspects related to desert and agro -terrestrial ecosystem. Together with graduate students and Post Docs, field as well lab studies with emphasis on terrestrial ecosystem, dynamics and diversity of soil biota, above and below ground primary production and the relationship between them are performed. The studies are primary focus on belowground processes in with emphasis on relationship of soil invertebrates and detrital food web structure to primary production, monitoring decomposition processes, and climate change effect on biotic component of soil biota. In the belowground processes the emphasis are on soil microbial community (bacteria, fungi), free-living nematodes, protozoa, microarthropods and plant organism relationships.
The results obtained, had been and are published in international journals
I am working on :
Population Biology
Keywords : soil biota, bacteria, fungi, soil free living nematodes, protozoa, trophic relation, decomposition processes, co2 evolution, biomass
Project description : Will be happy to join a ecosystem level study - on the role of soil biota related to desert or agroecosystem
Networking opportunities : SON (Society of Nematology)July 2019

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