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Looking for : a partner (for my project)

Title : Mr. Doctor
Name : Pedro Diniz
Country : Brasil, Minas Gerais
Organisation name : Universidade Federal de Lavras - UFLA
Department / section : Law Department
E-mail :
Telephone : 55 35 9 9151 5346
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : Pedro Ivo Diniz
Professor of Law and the Law Course Coordinator at Universidade Federal de Lavras - UFLA. Deputy Director of the Office of International Affairs. Visiting Professor of the Graduate Program in International Law at CEDIN - International Law Center, from Belo Horizonte. Head of of NEDRI (Center for Study of International Relations and Law) and Law and Sustainable Development, research grup registered at CNPq. Guest speaker for the 'Course North-South ? A world in transition', at Hasselt University, Belgium. Has a Doctorate and a Masters degree in International Law at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais - PUC Minas. Concluded a Postgraduate lato sensu programme in International Law at Milton Campos University. Has experience and the areas of Law and International Relations, with and emphasis in Public International Law, working mainly on the following themes: International Environmental Law and International Law of Sustainable Development.

Ana Luiza Garcia Campos
Professor of Environmental Law at the Federal University of Lavras. Doctorate and Masters degrees in Law, subarea Environmental Law from the University of São Paulo (USP). She was a fellow of the São Paulo State Research Support Foundation FAPESP. Graduated in Law from the Federal University of Viçosa. With interest in the areas of Environmental Law, Sustainable Development, Environment and Economy and Public Policy.

the partner(s) should work on :
Management sciences
Political sciences
Sociology of the Environment
Keywords : sustainable development, water, biodiversity, climate change, environmental agencies, environmental programs, legal instruments, brasil, europe, agenda 2030
Project description : Title: The role of environmental agencies in seeking synergies between the SDGs related to water, biodiversity and the adaptation agenda related to climate change.

There is a high level of uncertainty in defining the actions to be taken in face of the impacts of climate change. However, despite these uncertainties, we need to implement actions that are capable of coping with the socio-environmental crisis and the complexity we are facing.
Therefore, the aim of the present study is to evaluate how the environmental agencies from Brazil and from Europe have dealt with these challenges, especially regarding the interrelationships between climate change, water resources management and biodiversity from the perspective of Agenda 2030. Thus, we seek to assess how the countries under study, especially their agencies responsible for environmental policy, build the necessary articulation so that climate change is taken into account in the plans and public policies of the sectors related to water and biodiversity.

Specific research objectives: to identify the main plans and programs implemented by the agencies; to map the main bureaucratic difficulties; to analyze management instruments and to study the legal framework that supports the implementation of the necessary measures.
Networking opportunities : IUCN World Conservation Congress - 2020

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