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Looking for : a partner (for my project)

Title : Mr. Dr.
Name : Mesut Yıldırır
Country : Turkey, Ankara
Organisation name : Soil, Fertilizer Water Resources Central research Institue
Department / section : Livestock and Environmental Sciences
E-mail :
Telephone : +90 312 365 65 60
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : I have been working on livestock production systems and related environmental science. We are preparing a proposal for the idea that sustainable and environmental frendly livestock production systems in accordance with greenhouıse gases, soil fertility, water resources, livetsok systems (grazing, in mixed or landless systems).

the partner(s) should work on :
Plant Protection
Keywords : livestock, soil, emission
Project description : Integrating infrastructure and increased research capacity for sustainable climate smart livestock production

Livestock systems (mixed, landless, extensive), livestock diversity (e.g species, breeds, genotype), soil health and productivity, feed production and quality (e.g. grazing, animal diet), water resources and environmental issues are complex subjects to better understand the effects of livestock sector on climate change and environmental issues. it is necessary to control greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and implement mitigation strategies as best practices.In these aspects:
WP (1) for the integration research capacities; comparing countries and assessing the total and the per capita GHG emissions from livestock sub categories, (2) focusing on trend of GHG emissions from livestock sub categories between countries, (3) focusing on emission intensity of the important livestock products, assessing the emission of the livestock products (i.e. meat, milk, egg), (4) comparing countries and assessing the total emissions from different livestock categories and sources, (5) assessment of countries for the comparison with higher tier calculations)
WP (2): Different agricultural practices,
WP (3): Focusing on the livestock systems characterization
WP (4): Partners will focusing modeling (if possible laboratory analyses) data sharing for developing country specific
WP (5): will cover project management and dissemination outputs
Networking opportunities :

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