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Title : Mrs. PhD.
Name : Pelin ACAR
Country : Turkey, Ankara
Organisation name : National Botanical Gardens of Turkey
Department / section : Collection Department
E-mail :
Telephone : +905337216015
Web address :

My expertise / skills : I am part of interdisciplinary groups of National Botanical Gardens of Turkey (TAGEM -Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies) focused mainly on plant biodiversity and conservation. Our team includes molecular biologist, biologist, botanist, ecologist, taxonomist, landscape architecture and agriculture engineers. We are interested to join a Project concerning climate change, plant biodiversity, forest ecology, plant anatomy, palynology,plant genetic, phytochemistry, plant biochemistry, climate change projection, model outputs and conservation plans.
I have extensively studied on forest and genetic diversity. Experiences in many National Projects including maple, poplar and willow species. Some publications relevant to the Call are;
O. Degirmenci, F., Acar, P., Kaya, Z. (2019) Consequences of habitat fragmentation on genetic diversity and structure of Salix alba L. populations in two major river systems of Turkey, Tree Genetic and Genome, 15:59.
Acar, P., Ö.Değirmenci F., & Kaya Z. (2017) The Phylogenetic Survey on Turkish Salix L. inferred from cpDNA and nrDNA data set, Oral Presentation, 5-8 July, SEAB, Minsk/Belarus
Acar, P., Ö. Değirmenci, F. , & Kaya, Z. (2016) Phylogenetic Analysis of the Turkish Salix (Salicaceae) Based on Sequence Data from Partial chloroplast-encoded and Nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences, Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAGXXIV), Poster Presentation, San Diego/ USA.
I am working on :
Population Genetics
Molecular Biology
Forestry and forest sciences
Crop Production
Genetics and heredity (excluding Medical Genetics)
Selection using molecular markers
Landscape ecology
Population Biology
Plant Sciences
Conservation Biology
Plant Protection
Keywords : biodiversity;climate change; molecular biology;biochemistary;phtyochemistary;conservation
Project description : Especially looking at; 1) climate change on terrestrial area and riparian habitats (urban area can also be included) 2) climate change effects on agriculture crops, biomass production 3) climate change effects on morphology, genetics, biochemical compounds 4) Projections and Conservation plans 5)Contribution to human well being .
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