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Title : Mrs. Professor
Name : Kristina Blennow
Country : Sweden
Organisation name : Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Department / section : Landscape archtecture, Planning and Management
E-mail :
Telephone : +46 40 41 52 30
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : Professor of Landscape Analysis, directed towards risk analysis and climate change.
Participated in several internation research projects. Currently leading projects on the identification on communications needs to derive guidelines for the adequacy of communications using a recently developed methodology based in analysis of survey data using machine learning methodology. The project "Guidelines on how to communicate adequately with urban domestic garden owners on the new Swedish national risk assessment of alien species" specifically deals with how to communicate in an adequate way with private domestic garden owners on the threat to the biodiversity from alien garden species in a changing climate. This project is funded by FORMAS - a Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development.
I am working on :
Energy and Fuels
Environmental Psychology
Forestry and forest sciences
Information sciences and communication
Management sciences
Keywords : adequacy of communications, "science and proven experience", biodiversity, climate change, risk perception, decision analysis
Project description : As specified by the call.
Networking opportunities : Robust plants for future climates – research, application and policy, Alnarp, Sweden.
Society for Risk Analysis: SRA-Europe 2019 Conference, Copenhagen Denmark.

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