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Title : Mrs. Dr
Name : Marina Valentukeviciene
Country : Lithuania, Baltic States
Organisation name : Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Department / section : Environmental Engineering
E-mail :
Telephone : +37061653746
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : 20 years experience in various activities of novel design and engineering. Specifically, I have experience in Eco-design development and implementation including analyses for market introduction; high-tech innovation distribution systems, as well as equipment layout for various types of industrial facilities. Consultant and/ or evaluator interface for installation of novel technological devices, innovative Eco-products, energy control monitoring systems (A++, Zero-Carbon etc.).
I am working on :
Keywords : water quality, climate changes, rivers
Project description : This project will undertake fundamental research across mul􀆟ple scales to seek the inner links,
as well as the differences to ascertain the pathways and grow our capacity for the enhancement of the exis􀆟ng, and the robust development of new water -
forest interac􀆟on in the frame of safety and resiliency. Our approach is unique in that the design and implementa􀆟on of the technology is informed not only by
combining tradi􀆟onal laboratory and field studies, data mining, uncertainty quan􀆟fica􀆟on and reliability-based design in u􀆟lising data analy􀆟cs to its fullest
poten􀆟al, but also co-produced through consulta􀆟on with communi􀆟es and water-forest sectors. We will use real environmental data and models to provide a
decision-making framework which can be adapted to local and global needs for the monitoring and early-warning of water quality and hydro-hazards
Networking opportunities : Environmental Engineering International Conference 2020

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