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Call :    Sustainable Blue Call 2023 on "The way forward: a thriving sustainable blue economy for a brighter future"
Looking for :    a project to join
Dr Matt Slater
Alfred Wegener Institute
Aquaculture Research

a project to join
Soundscapes, noise pollution, contaminants in aquaculture and offshore environs. Interste in participation in modelling / testing offshore induytrs condtions for aquaculture (and mitigation methods).
PA2 - Development of offshore marine multi-use infrastructures to support the blue economy
Multi-use technology project, specifically interested in monitoring major stressors for cultured animals in industrial offshore settings, looking also at mitigation of stressors and environmental impact (nutrients/ noise).
sound, soundscape, noise pollution, nutrient enrichment, contaminants, bioremediation, low-trophic

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