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Call :    Sustainable Blue Call 2023 on "The way forward: a thriving sustainable blue economy for a brighter future"
Looking for :    a project to join
Saadet Hacısalihoğlu
Environmental Engineering
+(90) 5444924590

a project to join
We have experience in water management, monitoring, marine science. We can contribute to environmental approaches, water monitoring, sediment pollution, microplastic pollution. We want to contribute to the project as a partner.
PA1 - Planning and managing sea uses at the regional level
PA3 - Climate-neutral, environmentally sustainable and resource-efficient blue food and feed
We are interested in joining a project related to these topics: water, sediment, sea pollution, microplastics in marine life, heavy metal pollution. We have experience and all necessary equipment to perform analysis related to mentioned topics in our laboratuary.
water management, pollution monitoring, microplastics, marine pollution, environmentally sustainable, heavy metals.

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