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Call :    Sustainable Blue Call 2023 on "The way forward: a thriving sustainable blue economy for a brighter future"
Looking for :    a partner (for my project)
Engineer Walter Maes

a partner (for my project)
Production and Quality manager with international process and assembly companies;
Consultant EHSR risk analyses and compliance with Machine EU Directive ( different sectors );
PA1 - Planning and managing sea uses at the regional level
PA5 - Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO) test use cases at EU sea-basins and the Atlantic Ocean
Synthesis of climate-neutral hydrocarbons from airborne CO2 and H2 from electrolysis of seawater powered by ocean waves and carried out on ships.

Suppose, decentralized floating installations that use wave energy for direct electrolysis.

This proposal is a truly climate-neutral energy generation, because it does not 'take away' (sun / wind) energy from other 'needies' like biomass production by the earth eco-system for future population.

SEANERGY: Developments concerns most of following functions:

- transforming water movements into suitable motions;
- supply these motions to a new type of generator;
- pre-treat seawater with the electricity generated;
- idem, carry out the electrolysis of purified water;
- an electrode that prevents the sticking of gas bubbles;
- idem, compress and store H2 separted from O2;
- idem, for O2 or release a part of O2 for sea regeneration;
- localisation of the units and protection for collision;
- a drain device for uploading the gases to a factoryship.

Functional risk analyses are made and solved.
The descriptions are over 100 pages and ready for about 85% and in an i-DEPOT.

A brochure of 23 pages is in weeks available on or on demand.

I seek cooperation for Proof of Concept and multi-physics simulation.

After that stage cooperation with:
- electricity providers with power plants
- shipping companies with tankers
- ship builders
- shipping companies with tankers
- Oil companies with refineries

ocean wave energy, electrolysis of seawater, synthetic hydrocarbons, decarbonisation, blue hydrogen, dosing oxygen to sea areas, real climate-neutral energy, direct carbon capture, e-fuels: gases & liquids, diversity in energy carriers.
Not yet - invite me.

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