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Call :    Sustainable Blue Call 2023 on "The way forward: a thriving sustainable blue economy for a brighter future"
Looking for :    a project to join
Dr. Ana Rita Farias
Lusofona University
Hei-Lab: Digital Human Environment Interaction Lab

a project to join
Behavioural economics / Social Psychology / Social Sciences
Behavioural change [Sustainable communities]
Environment, resources and sustainability [Environmental sciences (social aspects)]
Consumer Products and Services [Earth Observation / Services and applications]
PA1 - Planning and managing sea uses at the regional level
PA2 - Development of offshore marine multi-use infrastructures to support the blue economy
PA3 - Climate-neutral, environmentally sustainable and resource-efficient blue food and feed
PA4 - Green transition of Blue Food production
PA5 - Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO) test use cases at EU sea-basins and the Atlantic Ocean
seek a broad thematic project where SSH will be essential as part of the analysis and/or implementation (e.g., behavior change, consumer behavior, pro-envirometric behavior, etc.)
behavioural economics, social psychology, social sciences, behavioural change, environment, resources, sustainability, consumption

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