Biodiversa Joint Research Call 2021 on "Supporting the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems across land and sea"
Looking for a Contact Country Description
project Dr van Asch South Africa Biodiversity survey of edible insects
project Assist. Prof., PhD Elersek Slovenia Any project including biodiversity monitoring with traditional and eDNA methods and/or ecology and/or management of water systems, including toxic threats in waters. Our additional expertise is in citizen science project relates activities.
project Doctor of Biological Sciences Lazaren... Moldova, Republic of We are looking to participate as a co-partner for projects in the field of management and ensuring the good governance of Natural Parks. Attracting specialists and research in the field of biodiversity and the development of management plans. Development of digital platforms.
project Dr. Gageanu Romania We are looking to participate in projects related to: - crop management; - circular economy; - waste management (going al the way to zero-waste concept); - wastewater treatment and reuse of water and sludge in various applications; - organic farming; - agricultural drones, electric tractors / cro...
project Assistant professor Ait El Mokhtar Morocco A project dealing with the identification of telluric microorganisms from degraded ecosystems in arid and semi-arid areas to use in improving plant tolerance to abiotic stress and also the assessment of these MO biodiversity in these ecosystems
project Prof. Shashar Israel I am looking for partners to create a group, or to join a group, looking to develop environmentally friendly or biodiversity positive marine and coastal construction. The project will look not only at future constructions but also at how to modify existing structures, such as coastal defences, in...
project Pr GHANIMI Morocco I would like to join a project that makes use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to predict a future or unknown situations
project Professor elhoumaizi Morocco agriculture crop sciences crop production
project Dr amenzou Morocco agriculture and climat change.
project Doctoral student Lisnic Moldova, Republic of How Protected Areas could provide opportunities for the regional development mainly in remote areas based on their ecosystem services
project Dr ABOUOUALID Morocco Marine and freshwater ecosystems
project Associate Professor of General B Gism... Italy reconstruction of ancient environment, plant use by human past community, ancient dietary habits, medicinal and cultural traditions, evolution of plants
project Associate Professor of General B Gism... Italy Biodiversity protection Genetic characterization of plant species Biochemical characterization of plant phytocomplex Application of beehive products for monitoring evironmental plant diversity and pollution
project Dr Narraway United Kingdom Earthwatch works across both terrestrial and aquatic environments to drive positive environmental change. As such, all projects involving the engagement of civil society around environmental issues and/or to monitor their environments, are of interest to Earthwatch.
project Chief assistant to the assistant midd... United Kingdom Any rural or urban projects looking to work with natural systems and that could benefit from incorporating natural capital thinking. For instance, maximising the ecosystem service benefits delivered by biodiversity enhancement programmes, to help acceptance by stakeholders and offer future fundin...
project MSc Lopes Spain We would like to join any project related to sustainability and climate impact where results can be transferred to the Canary Islands in specific, and the Outermost Regions as a whole.
project Dr. Martins Portugal We have experience working with public policies and private companies. We can support research and create solutions addressing strategic or immediate problems, with the following strategic tools: strategic assessment; Stakeholder engagement; Transitions for sustainable development; Social-ecologi...
project Dr Nagelkerke Netherlands Biodiversity of freshwaters, including fishes, having a functional component.
project PhD Radovic Croatia project related to biodiversity-climate link and valorization of ecosystem services
project Dr. Sándor Hungary I am looking for a project to join
project Researcher Turetta Brazil I would like to join initiatives related to rural landscapes and sustainability, with focus on soil ecosystem services.
project Prof. Baranowski Poland We are open to participate in any project that needs data analytics suport in different areas. We can provide both uncertainty modelling and machine learning applications