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Title : Mr. Dr
Name : Luca Mirimin
Country : Ireland
Organisation name : Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
Department / section : School of Science and Computing
E-mail :
Telephone : +353 91 74 2173
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : Extensive experience with molecular biology and conservation genetics. Applied genetics and genomics to species of economic and ecologic importance, with particular reference to marine and other aquatic organisms. Current projects involve monitoring marine biodiversity by means of genetic screening of plankton and/or environmental DNA samples, with particular emphasis to commercial bivalve species and non-indigenous invasive organisms.
I am working on :
Biotechnology (excluding environmental , medical , agricultural and food)
Conservation Biology
Evolutionary Biology
Fisheries Science and Technology
Genetics and heredity (excluding Medical Genetics)
Marine Biology
Molecular Biology
Population Biology
Population Genetics
Keywords : metabarcoding
Project description : Looking to be involved in and contribute to a project on marine biodiversity using molecular tools. I am interested in a wide range of taxa, but most importantly species of commercial value and/or non-indigenous invasive species.
Networking opportunities : International Conference of Alien Invasive Species, October 2019, Montreal, Canada
World Marine Mammal Conference, December 2019, Barcelona, Spain

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