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Looking for : a project to join

Title : Mr. Associate Professor
Name : Engdawork Assefa
Country : Ethiopia, Africa
Organisation name : Addis Ababa University
Department / section : Center for Environment and Development, College of Development College
E-mail :
Telephone : +251911386823
Web address : Google scholar
Link to research gate
or equivalent :
Engdawork Assefa

My expertise / skills : My field of expertise: climate change, climate change adaptation, mitigation, green economy, climate change resilient economy, sustainability, landscape dynamics and management, indigenous knowledge and practices

My skills: Soil survey, GISsoil lab, SPSS, STATA, meta analysis, meta synthesis, Remote sensing analysis

Relevant publication:
1) Long-Term Indigeneous Soil Conservation Technoloy in south Ethiopia. Ambio 43(7):932-942
2) Indigeneous resource management practices in the Gamo Highland of Ethiopia: Challenges and prospects for sustainable resource management. Sustainability Science 12(5):695-709.
3) Deforestation and forest management in southern Ethiopia: Investigation in the Chencha and Arbaminch Areas.Environmental Management, 53:284-299
4) Farmers’ perception of land degradation and traditional knowledge in southern Ethiopia- resilience and stability. Journal of Land Degradation and Development,2014
5)Farmers’ Decision to adopt watershed management practices in Gibe basin, Southwest Ethiopia: Journal of International soil and water Conservation Research, Sept, 2019
Ongoing research project: co-PI of SOIL-SAFE, funded by DFID.
I am working on :
Conservation Biology
Landscape ecology
Physical Geography
Remote Sensing
Urban Ecology
Keywords : keyword 1, climate change, keyword 2, climate change adaptation and mitigation, keyword 3, land degradation, keyword 4, sustainability, keyword 5, land use land cover dynamic
Project description : I would like to join a project focusing on climate change, adaptation and mitigation; sutainability; landscape dynamics; natural resource survey, use and management.
Networking opportunities : Not yet decided

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