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Title : Mr. PhD
Name : Fernando P. Lima
Country : Portugal
Organisation name : CIBIO/InBIO, University of Porto
E-mail :
Telephone : +351 967252416
Web address :
Link to research gate
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My expertise / skills : I am I am an specialist in intertidal biogeography, studying the processes and mechanisms driving species distributions. Most of my work focus on the study of the mechanistic links between climate, thermal stress, physiology and macro-ecological processes.

Google Scholar profile:

Top 5 publications:

Bates, A. E., B. Helmuth, M. T. Burrows, M. I. Duncan, J. Garrabou, T. Guy-Haim, F. Lima et al (2018). Biologists ignore ocean weather at their peril. Nature 560, 299.

Seabra, R., Varela, R., Santos, A. M., Gomez-Gesteira, M., Meneghesso, C., Wethey, D. S., & Lima, F. P. (2019). Reduced Nearshore Warming Associated With Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6, 104.

Lima, F. P., & Wethey, D. S. (2012). Three decades of high-resolution coastal sea surface temperatures reveal more than warming. Nature communications, 3, 704.

Lima, F. P., Gomes, F., Seabra, R., Wethey, D. S., Seabra, M. I., Cruz, T., ... & Hilbish, T. J. (2016). Loss of thermal refugia near equatorial range limits. Global change biology, 22(1), 254-263.

Lima, F. P., Ribeiro, P. A., Queiroz, N., Hawkins, S. J., & Santos, A. M. (2007). Do distributional shifts of northern and southern species of algae match the warming pattern?. Global change biology, 13(12), 2592-2604.
I am working on :
Marine Biology
Remote Sensing
Keywords : biodiversity, macroecology, climatology, thermal stress, physiology, mechanistic modelling
Project description : Projects on coastal biodiversity and climate change
Networking opportunities : EMBS

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