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Title : Mr. Dr.
Name : Dinu Gavojdian
Country : Romania, ILFOV
Organisation name : Research and Development Institute for Bovine
E-mail :
Telephone : +40723375804
Web address : Balotesti, Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti, km 21
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : Expertise: cattle breeding; small ruminants; farm animal welfare.
Relevant publications:
Gavojdian D et al., 2016, Effects of using indigenous heritage sheep breeds in organic and low-input production systems on production efficiency and animal welfare, Landbauforschung Applied Agricultural and Forestry Research 66(4): 290-297
Kusza S et al., 2018, Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR (KASPTM) genotyping of 48 polymorphisms at different caprine loci in French Alpine and Saanen goat breeds and their association with milk composition, PeerJ, 6:e4416
Ilie DE et al., 2018, Genetic characterization of indigenous goat breeds in Romania and Hungary with a special focus on genetic resistance to mastitis and gastrointestinal parasitism based on 40 SNPs, PLoS ONE, 13(5): e0197051
Kusza S et al., 2018, Study of LGB Gene Polymorphisms of Small Ruminants Reared in Eastern Europe, Czech Journal of Animal Science, 63(4): 152–159
Ilie DE et al., 2015, Microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA study of native eastern European cattle populations: the case of the Romanian Grey, PloS ONE 10(9): e0138736
Sauer M et al., 2015, Organic goat meat production in less favoured areas of Romania, Landbauforschung Applied Agricultural and Forestry Research, 65(1): 59-64
Relevant projects:
Sharing Expertise and Experience towards sheep Productivity through NETworking, Horizon 2020;
Genetic and genomic selection for production and reproduction efficiency in dairy cattle, PNIII.
I am working on :
Animal Husbandry
Dairy Science
Livestock Production
Livestock Systems
Selection and breed improvement
Keywords : dairy cattle, beef cattle, heritage breeds
Project description : I am interested in joining project proposals on cattle breeding and related fields.
Networking opportunities :

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