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Title : Ms. Dr
Name : Judith Fisher
Country : Australia
Organisation name : University of Western Australia
Department / section : Institute of Agriculture/ Public Policy Institute
E-mail :
Telephone : +61 0407984091
Web address :

My expertise / skills : Biodiversity, climate change, nature based solutions, restoration, policy implications, health

My areas of expertise include developing strategic approaches to solve complex problems,using approaches to identify key influencing factors, and the interactions which influence the complexity of the problem. Trans disciplinary thinker and actor.
Very interested in the Science Policy interface and interconnections with local communities, including indigenous peoples.
Interested in researching and understanding the transformational changes required to maintain diverse and biodiverse ecosystems particularly around water, wetlands, and rivers
Very interested in research to understand cultural values alongside biodiversity values which can interact to provide solutions to reduce negative impacts form a rapidly changing natural world.
Research to understand how business can better interact their operations with the natural world to benefit sustainability of people and the natural world above economic interest and how we can change behaviour in this regard.

Chair of the Eklipse Project investigating the question What hampers the effectiveness of restoration for biodiversity, ecosystem function and services, findings published September 2019

CLA of the IPBES land Degradation and Restoration Assessment, member of the IPBES Multidisciplinary Expert Panel, recent publication in Nature Sustainability, August 2019, Transnational Environmental Crime threatens sustainable development
I am working on :
Anthropology and ethnology
Conservation Biology
Landscape ecology
Other Biological Sciences
Physical Geography
Plant Sciences
Sociology of the Environment
Urban Ecology
Keywords : biodiversity, climate change, naturebased solutions, policy, transformational change, consequences, agents of change, water, food, health
Project description : I am interested to join the call on Biodiversity and Climate Change, in particular the inter-linkages between a changing climate and the implications this may have on degrading natural landscapes. So in particular establishing solutions which may reduce the negative impacts on biodiversity, this may well include the interface between natures contributions to people and nature based solutions, and the required Policy frameworks to bring such solutions into action.
Networking opportunities : None planned at this moment but opportunities and links will become available in the near future. this will be updated as appropriate

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