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Title : Ms. PhD
Name : Cristina Pita
Country : Portugal, Aveiro
Organisation name : University of Aveiro
Department / section : Department of Environment and Planning & Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies
E-mail :
Telephone : +351919034396
Web address : Departamento Ambiente e Ordenamento
Link to research gate
or equivalent :
Campus Universitario de Santiago

My expertise / skills : Expertise: fisheries (commercial and recreational), coastal development, socioeconomics, value chain, seafood markets, marine governance, cultural ecosystem services, marine and coastal cultural heritage.


Fernandez, J., Pita, C., Bavinck, M. (eds) (in press) Status and resilience of small-Scale Fisheries in Europe: In the shade of the CFP reform and economic crisis. Springer

Pita, C. et al. (eds). 2019. Small-scale fisheries under data-poor scenarios. Special Issue Mar. Policy

Pita, C. et al. 2019. Managing small-scale fisheries under data por scenarios: lessons from around the world. Mar. Policy 101: 154-157

Lloret et al. 2018. Small-scale coastal fisheries in European Seas are not what they were: ecological, social and economic changes. Mar. Policy 98: 176-186

Graziano et al. 2018. Environmental and socio-political shocks to the seafood sector: what does this mean for resilience? Lessons from two UK case studies, 1945-2016. Mar. Policy 87: 301-313

Outeiro et al. 2017. The role of non-natural capital in the co-production of marine ecosystem services. Intern. J. Biod. Sc., Ecos. Serv. Manag. 13 (3): 35-50

Link et al. 2017. Keeping humans in the ecosystem. ICES J. Mar. Sc. 74 (7): 1947-1956

Rodrigues et al. 2017. Marine and Coastal Cultural Ecosystem Services: knowledge gaps and research priorities. One Ecosystem 2: e12290

Lillebø et al. 2017. How can marine ecosystem services support the Blue Growth agenda? Mar. Policy 81: 132-142.
I am working on :
Political sciences
Keywords : socioeconomics, fisheries, coastal development, provisioning ecosystem services, cultural ecosystem services, impacts, mitigation
Project description : We offer a social science team and would like to collaborate as research partner on project focused in the marine environment. We can offer socioeconomic impacts of CC, adaptation measures to CC. Experience with fisheries and coastal communities, provisioning and cultural ES. Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and connection to partners in most of the countries of interest (inc. Brazil and South Africa).
Networking opportunities : ICES conference, Gothenburg

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