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Title : Ms. Research engineer
Name : Eva Risch
Country : France, Occitanie
Organisation name : Irstea
Department / section : UMR ITAP - ELSA (Environmental Life cycle and Sustainability Assessment)
E-mail :
Telephone : +334 99 6122 69
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : I have experience in life cycle assessments of urban wastewater systems (collection networks + wastewater treatment plants), wastewater treatment technologies (conventional activated sludge, reedbed filters) since 2010. Completed my PhD on building life cycle inventory models for urban stormwater pollutants processes from their generation in catchments to their routing in urban wastewater systems (December 2018).
I am working on :
Chemical Engineering
Civil engineering and urban infrastructure (construction and transport)
Materials science and engineering
Keywords : wastewater treatment, urban catchment, life cycle assessment, life cycle analysis, stormwater management, environmental assessment
Project description : Interesting projects where I could contribute with the life cycle assessment expertise and systems thinking include: blue-green infrastructures in cities, stormwater management in the face of climate change at an urban catchment scale for present & prospective climatic conditions, finding tradeoffs in the energy-water nexus or between different environlmental impacts (eg eutrophication/ecotoxicity vs climate change/fossil resource use..).
Networking opportunities : SETAC Europe 2019 Helsinki
Watermatex 2019 Copenhagen
SETAC Europe 2020

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