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Title : Mr. Eng.
Name : Miguel Cachão
Country : Portugal, Lisbon
Organisation name : Associação de viticultores de Palmela
E-mail :
Telephone : +351932353547
Web address :

My expertise / skills : AVIPE is a grapevine growers association located in Palmela, Portugal. We cover about 4000Ha of technical consultancy specially in pest management, fertilizations, vine training, irrigation management, pruning techniques and weed control.
Besides this responsibility, we also participate in National funded projects related to Portuguese’s grapevine varieties protection, farm management, irrigation consultancy and an Interreg med project related to circular economy in wine sector.
We also works in sprayers inspection and in farmers education regarding pesticides application.
I am working on :
Crop Production
Crop Science
Diagnosis (microarray and biosensing devices for early / precise detection of diseases)
Plant Biotechnology
Plant Protection
Plant Selection
Keywords : viticulture, grapevine, plant protection, irrigation, nutrition, rural development, sustainability, biodiversity
Project description : Projects related to grapevine or wine issues as well with sustainability or rural development.
Networking opportunities : EIP Workshop in Romania (end of october), Interreg green event in Brussels (19-20/9)

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