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Looking for : a project to join

Title : ir
Name : Onno Knol
Country : The Netherlands
Organisation name : PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Department / section : nature and Rural Areas
E-mail :
Telephone : +31 64693 4658
Web address :

My expertise / skills : Ecology, biodiversity, modeling, science-policy interface
I am working on :
Conservation Biology
Evolutionary Biology
Urban Ecology
Keywords : climate change, climate adaptation, resilience, biodiversity, species occurrence
Project description : We look for a project on inter-relations between climate change and biodiversity in Europe. Relations in two directions: a) the pressures that changes in climate exert on the occurrence of species, and b) how active nature management may affect or mitigate climate variables like temperature and drought. Examples: nature based solutions in cities and planting of trees for CO2 fixation may be interesting.
Networking opportunities : Enviroinfo2019 Kassel

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