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Title : Mr. Dr.
Name : Abdullah UNLU
Country : Turkey
Organisation name : Batı Akdeniz Agricultural Research Institute
E-mail :
Telephone : +90 242 321 67 96
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : Batı Akdeniz Agricultural Research Institute (BATEM), located in Antalya/Turkey, is a research institute within the scope of the organization of Agricultural Research and Policy under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. BATEM serves to the Turkish agriculture with the strength of a rich research experience and professional staff since 1933. Our area of responsibility as a public research institution is in Western Mediterranean Coast Provinces. Furthermore, on citrus fruits and vegetables, which are our expertise areas, we serve the entire country. BATEM conducts researches in breeding and agronomy, plant health, tissue culture, molecular biology, food technology,irrigation, plant nutrition, post-harvest physiology and agricultural economic on vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants, field crops, and medicinal and aromatic plants which consist more than 30 species. BATEM is a source of information for agricultural engineers who work for Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, local farmers, and private organizations and companies. BATEM carries out a lot of agricultural research projects from past to present with the purpose of developing the knowledge and technologies on agriculture, and increase the contribution of agriculture in the national economy.
I am working on :
Crop Production
Crop Science
Plant Biotechnology
Plant Protection
Keywords : breeding and agronomy, plant health, tissue culture, molecular biology, food technology, plant nutrition, post-harvest physiology, agricultural economy
Project description : We are looking for projects, which can use our expertise in agriculture sector. We would be interested to join a project dealing with climate change impact to water resources, soil health and sustainability, biodiversity, vegetable, fruit, field cropss, medicinal and aromatic plants, pest and disease. Please feel free to contact and discuss possible projects with us.
Networking opportunities : No conferences planned at this time.

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