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Title : Mr. Associate Professor
Name : Ayhan Akyol
Country : Turkey, Isparta (Western Mediterranean)
Organisation name : Isparta University of Applied Sciences
Department / section : Forestry Economics
E-mail :
Telephone : +90 246 211 3937
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : I have been studying "Sustainable Forestry, Sustainable Forest Management Criteria and Indicators, Biodiversity indicators, Protected Areas, Rural Development".

I would like to study the impact of climate change on the ecosystem and therefore on the local community.

My relevant publications:
1. Akyol, A., Türkoğlu, T., Bekiroğlu, S., Tolunay, A. 2018. Resident perceptions of livelihood impacts arising from the Kızıldağ National Park, Turkey. Environ Dev Sustain, 20(3): 1037–1052.
2. Korkmaz, M., Akyol, A., Turkoglu, T., Bergner, A., Jansson, N., Tolunay, A. 2018. Perspective on Forest Biodiversity Indicators for Protected Areas: A Comparison of Turkish and Swedish Forest Expert Opinions. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, 16(3):3595-3609.
3. Akten, M., Akyol, A. 2018. Determination of Environmental Perceptions and Awareness Towards Reducing Carbon Footprint. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, 16(4): 5249 - 5267.
4.Akyol, A. 2017. Contributions of local guidance practices to the natural environment, protected areas and local people. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, 15(3): 1079- 1096.
5.Akyol, A., Sarıkaya, O. 2017. Situation and Evaluation of Biological and Chemical Control Applications for Forest in Turkey. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, 15(4): 341-353.
6. Tolunay, A., AKYOL, A., 2015. Identify of appropriate biodiversity indicators for ecologically sustainable forest management at national level, Sains Malaysiana, 44(2): 159–166.
I am working on :
Forestry and forest sciences
Information sciences and communication
Landscape ecology
Management sciences
Political sciences
Urban Ecology
Keywords : sustainable forestry, sustainable forest management criteria and indicators, biodiversity indicators, forestry policies, protected areas, rural development, ecotourism
Project description : I am interested in any type of collaboration (broad thematic).

We are currently investigating the future distribution of some species using maxent. And we investigate the social and economic effects of this distribution.

I would especially like to focus on the social and economic impacts of economically valuable species affected by climate change.
Networking opportunities : International Conference on Climate Change and Forestry (ICCCF'2019 (

And any suggestions will be welcome.

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