BiodivClim Joint call: partner / project search entry

Looking for : a partner (for my project)

Title : Mr. Dr
Name : Rodrigo Oliveira
Country : Brazil, Pernambuco
Organisation name : UFPE
Department / section : Genetics
E-mail :
Telephone : 558199999999
Web address :

My expertise / skills : I have a PhD in Biosciences and have been working with microsatellites in Bromeliads. I'm part of the Genetics department in Recife UFPE, associated to the LGBV - Genetics and Biotechnology lab in Recife (Brazil), headed by Prof. Dr. Ana M. Benko-Iseppon. We have extensive experience in studying genetics from cultivars and native species, in the fields of population genetics, phylogeny, bioinformatics and transcriptomics.

the partner(s) should work on :
Conservation Biology
Evolutionary Biology
Population Genetics
Keywords : genetics
Project description : We are aiming to find partners worldwide who are interested to contribute to a population genetics/genomics from an invasive species of Apocynaceae in South America. We are interested in bioprospection of molecules in molecular level. For this project our main goal will be evaluate the invasive power of this species by evaluating their genetic diversity and the potential niche distribution in a climatic change perspective. We aim to apply microsats and acquire population genomic information to understand how this species is colonizing the dry areas in northeastern Brazil and their putative impact to the local flora.
Networking opportunities : We will attend to a biodiversity conference in Colombia next year.

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