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Title : Mrs. No title
Name : Brigitte Bonello
Country : France, Aquitaine
Organisation name : Init Environnement
E-mail :
Telephone : +33611105169
Web address : Www.Init-Environnement/blog

My expertise / skills : I am specialized in updating knowledge related to green buildings (and green cities) face to climate change.
For 7 years I have been doing research with different experts on urban ecology, then, alone, I have done research to ban the use of air conditioners in buildings by using nature bases solutions.
I have a good technical knowledge of green buildings and a long experience in project management.
I created one of the first professional training courses certified in France on green buildings.
I have certified a competence block on the thermal improvement of buildings in summer with nature based solutions.
I used to work with international experts such as architects, ecologists, engineer, botanists etc.
I am working on :
Keywords : built or renovate with nature based solutions, green building, green cities, urban ecology, nature based solutions, training, education, energy efficiency
Project description : GIEC report underlines the lack of knowledge to mitigate climate change effects.
This is very true for the cities, and over all the buildings that make up cities.
Face to climate change, we must act quickly and built « together » new knowledges for builders, households, cities manager etc, to stop use of air conditioners that contribute significantly to raising the heat in summer, and exhausting the resources that are now being saved with winter efficient solutions.
We have to deliver solutions at all scales with new methodologies taking into account tools and new way to change behaviour.
I need to work with experts to finalize an holistic knowledge, already touching several thematic, including creation of tools.
Based on an holistic course already experimented with professionals, I would like to deepen the knowledge and create a European professional training « Built or renovate with nature based solutions » including creation of sofware, training certification.
Networking opportunities : Emplement nature based solutions in building or renovatation.

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