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Title : Mrs. Dr.biol.
Name : Inese Cera
Country : Latvia
Organisation name : Institute of Biology, University of Latvia
Department / section : Laboratory of bioindication
E-mail :
Telephone : +37126168718
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : Spider identification, ecology of spiders in peat bogs, fens and coastal habitats (dunes, meadows, forest).

Cera I. 2013. Fauna and distribution of spiders at Randu meadows, Baltic Sea coast of the Gulg of Riga, Latvia. Latvijas
Entomologs 52: 68–83.

Cera I., Spuņģis V. 2013. Fauna and seasonal activity of spiders (Araneae) in coastal dune habitats at Akmensrags,
Ziemupe Nature restricted territory, Latvia. Latvijas Entomologs 52: 84–95.

Cera I., Keišs O. 2016. Spider species new to the fauna of Latvia and new localities for Gnaphosa lapponum and G.
nigerrima (Araneae: Gnaphosidae). Latvijas Entomologs 53: 122–124.

Štokmane M., Cera I. 2018. Revision of the calcareous fen arachnofauna: habitat affinities of the fen-inhabiting spiders.
Zookeys, 802: 67–108. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.802.26449

Cera I. 2018. The checklist of Latvian spiders (Arachnida: Araneae). Environmental and Experimental Biology 16: 139-
I am working on :
Keywords : araneae, ecology, agroecosystems
Project description : I would like to join a project related on spider ecology in agroecosystems as well as grasslands and forests.
Networking opportunities : 32nd European Congress of Arachnology, Greifswald, Germany, 16–22 August 2020

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