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Title : Mrs. Dr.
Name : Daniela Popescu
Country : Romania, Transylvania
Organisation name : SC JIDVEI SRL Company
Department / section : Research Department
E-mail :
Telephone : +40758014776
Web address : Garii Street 45
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : The JIDVEI SRL Company is a private institution, having as main activity the winegrowing, winemaking and production of grapevine planting material. Jidvei Company owns the largest vineyard in Romania and the largest vineyard in Europe with a sole owner. Since the company's vineyard surface is 2500 hectares, located in Transylvania area, we own and a R&D Department focused on: cultural practices, soils agro-chemistry, plant protection, smart tools for precision viticulture, biodiversity of vineyard ecosystem and winemaking.
As Leader of the R&D department, my field of expertise mainly concerns the impact of climate change on cultural practices of vines, biodiversity of vineyard ecosystem, and is responsible for testing, development and implementation of precise viticulture. Our departement was involve in many research projects at the national level but also internationally like: COST Action FA 1303- Sustainable control of grapevine trunk diseases,; (BiodivERsA-FACCE) VineDivers:“Biodiversity-based ecosystem services in vineyards: analysing interlinkages between plants, pollinators, soil biota and soil erosion across Europe”; EIP-AGRI Focus Group - Pests and Diseases in Viticulture
I am working on :
Crop Production
Crop Science
Diagnosis (microarray and biosensing devices for early / precise detection of diseases)
Plant Protection
Keywords : viticulture, biodiversity, plant protection, digital strategy, rural development, ecosystem service, abiotic stress, field trial
Project description : We are interested to join in projects related to grapevine or wine issues in the context of climate changes
Networking opportunities : SIMEI - Milano, 19 to 22 November

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