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Title : Mr. Dr.
Name : David Sánchez-Fernández
Country : Spain
Organisation name : University of Murcia
Department / section : Department of Ecology and Hidrology
E-mail :
Telephone : 0034868884977
Web address :
Link to research gate
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My expertise / skills : I am interested in community ecology, evolution, biogeography and macroecology (especially both aquatic and subterranean insects), including practical applications for biodiversity conservation and management. Along my scientific career, I have combined observational and experimental studies with synthesis of big datasets to answer general questions in ecology from different complementary perspectives. The main research line I have developed so far has been focused in the following questions: How current and future environmental changes affect biodiversity? and how can biodiversity be conserved given current and future challenges? This multidisciplinary approach has resulted in numerous publications in leading journals in fields like Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Conservation Biology, such as Global Change Biology, Ecology, Global Ecology and Biogeography, Scientific Reports, Journal of Applied Ecology and Diversity & Distributions. I have published 64 articles in peer-reviewed journals. I participated in the development of successful proposals for projects (mainly related with freshwater conservation and subterranean biodiversity conservation) of national and international research (concretely, I have actively participated in 10 research projects and 9 research contracts within the different institutions). I am member of the UICN and the Editorial Board of Biology Letters.
I am working on :
Biotechnology (excluding environmental, medical, agricultural and food)
Conservation Biology
Evolutionary Biology
Keywords : biodiversity conservation, freshwater ecosystems, aquatic insects, vulnerability, subterranean biodiversity, thermal tolerance, species distribution models, iucn
Project description : I would like to join any project directed to assess the capability of freshwater or subterrean species to face climate change.
Networking opportunities : I will attend the Limnology 2020 congress to be holded in Murcia (22-26 th june 2020)

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