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Title : Mr. Senior researcher
Name : Martin Drews
Country : Denmark
Organisation name : Technical University of Denmark
Department / section : Sustainability / Climate Risks and Economics
E-mail :
Telephone : +4522863380
Web address :

My expertise / skills : I am part of a small interdisciplinary research group focused around climate and climate adaptation research in the context of sustainable development (including biodiversity). Our team comprises a regional climate modeller and statistical climatologist (me!), a hydrologist/climate impacts researcher, two physical geographers with particular experience in remote sensing & flood modelling and several environmental economists. As a result we provide access to a plethora of different models and model expertise. We work globally in very different climates, environments and ecologies. One of the key members of our group, Professor Kirsten Halsn├Žs, is a CLA on the upcoming 6th IPCC Assessment Report.
I am working on :
Energy and Fuels
Physical Geography
Remote Sensing
Keywords : climate impacts on biodiversity
Project description : Our interest in this call relates particularly to modelling the linkages between climate change and its impacts on biodiversity, but since the spread of our research topics (climate change in general, extreme climate events and their impacts, water resources, marine environments, agriculture, energy, sustainability, decision-making frameworks, economic assessments of impact and adaptation options)is quite wide, we could fill very different roles in a consortium.
Networking opportunities : C40 meeting in Copenhagen, October 2019

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