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Title : Mr. Prof.
Name : Rudy Gozlan
Country : France, Montpellier
Organisation name : Institut de Recherche pour le développement
Department / section : Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution de Montpellier
E-mail :
Telephone : (0033) 7 51924705
Web address :
Link to research gate
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My expertise / skills : I am a fish biologist with over 30 years experience in the field. My early research focused on identifying the ecological constraints on endangered fish species, which had abundant resources yet were rare and declining. I established a holistic approach, which revealed the importance of larval niches and habitat quality for endemic species persistence as well as the constraints on adult migrations. I have now expanded my study-systems to include complex ‘community modules’ of interacting species, mainly involving invasive fish and emerging pathogens (annimal and human). These closely-coupled systems are well suited for studying fundamental questions in population, community, functional and evolutionary theory and could be applied to the conservation of typically endangered species.

I am author of over 150 refereed papers including Nature, Science, Lancet Planetary Health research articles, and Principal and co-investigator on several research grants. I have extensive experience in coordinating national and international projects. I have been involved in several international projects, including BioDiversa projects (PROBIS), EUFP6 (STAR, ALARM). I hold a Visiting Professor position at Bournemouth, Aix-Marseilles and Navarra Universities. I am an associated editor for the scientific Journal of Fish Biology.
I am working on :
Biology of Organisms
Conservation Biology
Evolutionary Biology
Fisheries Science and Technology
Population Biology
Veterinary science
Keywords : biological invasion - ulcer de buruli - fish - pathogen - conservation - adaptation - biodiversité
Project description : Freshwater, pathogens emergence, Climate change
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