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Looking for : a project to join

Title : Mr. PhD
Name : Xavier Rodó
Country : Spain, Catalonia
Organisation name : ISGlobal
Department / section : CLIMA (Climate and Health) Program
E-mail :
Telephone : +34932147310
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : Climate Change and Health. We study certain topics of climate variability and prediction, such as ENSO and the modelling of extremes. We develop computational models for human and animal infectious diseases, driven by climate and/or environmental factors. We study by means of field monitoring and lab quantification, the chemical and biological components of air and link them to human diseases, by means of AI and ML big data approaches to both exposome and epidemiological datasets.
I am working on :
Keywords : climate, air quality, microbiology, epidemiology, big data
Project description : I am looking for a project built around environmental biodiversity (and human health). We are interested in sampling air in cities and natural landscapes (agricultural fields, pristine ecosystems) to characterize both the chemistry profiles of air and the aerial microbiome (bacteria, fungi, virus, toxins).
A project with partners in different countries and with complementary or similar expertises.
Networking opportunities : AGU

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