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Title : Mr. Dr.
Name : Wilhelm May
Country : Sweden
Organisation name : Lund University
Department / section : Centre for Environmental and Climate Research
E-mail :
Telephone : +46 46 222 01 20
Web address :
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : I am a climate scientist with broad experience in various aspects of climate variability and change, e.g. precipitation extremes, Indian summer monsoon. I am also experienced in climate change adaptation (i.e. West Africa and Zambia) and climate mitigation.

I am particularly interested in land-surface climate interactions and the role of anthropogenic land-use and land-cover changes for climate and terrestrial ecosystems.

I primarily use different kinds of models, i.e. the EC-Earth earth system model, the H-TESSEL land surface model and the LPJ-GUESS dynamical global vegetation model.

Being based at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, I am experienced with interdisciplinary work.
I am working on :
Keywords : climate change, land-surface climate interactions, extreme events, terrestrial ecosystems, agriculture, forestry, climate change adaptation, climate mitigation, climate modelling, tropical meteorology
Project description : I would like to join a project that deals with the impacts of anthropogenic land-use and land-cover changes on climate and terrestrial ecosystems, possibly including the competition for land to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals for climate, biodiversity and food security.
Networking opportunities : Workshop on ¨Extreme weather events in a warming world¨ by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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