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Title : Mr. PhD
Name : Oren Shelef
Country : Israel
Organisation name : Agricultural Research Organization (ARO)
Department / section : Natural Resources
E-mail :
Telephone : 97239683461
Web address : Natural Resources, The Institute of Plant Sciences
Link to research gate
or equivalent :

My expertise / skills : I'm interested in Agroecology, studying the interactions between agricultural and natural systems to maintain and improve the sustainability of both ends.

Agroecology include the interactions between agricultural systems and natural systems to maintain and improve the sustainability of both ends. This team is focusing at plants within the Agroecology space.
Specifically, these are some of the research topics I'm interested in:

Mitigation of agriculture-environment conflicts

The use of local plants to diversify agriculture

Small scale agricultural practices in bigger scale economy

Belowground arthropod diversity with agricultural and ecological means

The use of self-produced RGB drone images for agro-ecological studies
I am working on :
Urban Ecology
Forestry and forest sciences
Crop Production
Plant Selection
Biology of interactions
Food Biotechnology
Crop Science
Other Biological Sciences
Plant Protection
Keywords : plant ecology, agriculture, agroecology, biodiversity, plant physiology, spatial ecology, drone, urban ecology, natural resources, mitigation of conflict
Project description : Management and conservation of biodiversity
promoting diversity supporting practices in agriculture
Networking opportunities : NA

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