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Title : Mrs. Dr
Name : Dalia Lewinsohn
Country : Israel
Organisation name : The Shamir Research Institute
E-mail :
Telephone : +972523907178
Web address : PITRIOT.COM

My expertise / skills : Mycology
climate changes and fungi distribution
I am working on :
Keywords : mycology, mushrooms, climate changes, fungi protection
Project description : I have published an article about fungi and climate changes in Israel
Please see my abstract

תקציר באנגלית למאמר קק"ל

Are mushrooms mistaken, or just confused due to climate changes?
Despite the semiarid climate of Israel the mushrooms mycobiota is quiet varied. The mushroom mycobiota has been studied during the years and especially in the 2015 mushroom season.
Due to the obvious climate changes this year, we were able to detect early and delay in mushrooms fruiting species and even species fruiting twice a year. Similar findings were also detected by researchers from Norway, England, France, Germany and other countries around the globe.
Is the answer to this phenomenon is related to the global warming changes? Our findings cannot answer this question. We conclude that due to the abnormal whether experienced this year we could detect a fluctuation in the timing of mushrooms appearing. That could be the result of the global changes. In order to investigate the causes of these observations, we suggest examining and combining previous herbarium mushroom fruiting records and meteorological information.
Networking opportunities : Optima in Greece OCT. 2-5 2019
iwemm 10 in Japan OCT. 21-25 2019
29 NOV-1dec 2019 Cyprus

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