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Title : Mrs. Professor
Name : Sonia Hamza
Country : Tunisia
Organisation name : Institut National Agronomique de Tunis
Department / section : Agronomy and plant biotechnology
E-mail :
Telephone : 216 98946965
Web address :
Link to research gate
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My expertise / skills : I am a Plant biotechnologist in the department of Agronomiy and plant biotechnology, with 25 years of expertise on molecular tools essentially devoted for analysis of the genetic diversity and structure analysis of durum wheat and barley and fungal pathogen of wheat and legume. During more than 20 years my work has been mainly devoted for studying the pathosystem durum wheat-Zymoseptoria tritici, by studying the genetic and pathotype diversity of the pathogen, identifying sources of resistance and mapping QTL for resistance to STB using bi-parental populations and association panel. My field expertise is on germplasm collection, field evaluation for agromorphological traits associated to marker assisted selection.

Keywords: genetic diversity, molecular breeding, Zymoseptoria tritici, adaptation

Ouaja M., L. Aouini , B. Bahri, S. Ferjaoui, M. Medini, T.C. Marcel, S. Hamza. Identification of valuable sources of resistance to Zymoseptoria tritici in the Tunisian durum wheat landraces. (Submitted to European Journal of Plant Pathology)
Ferjaoui S.; L Aouini; R. Ben Slimane; K. Ammar; S.Dreisigacker; S. Ben M'Barek; Henk J. Schouten; R. G.F. Visser; G. Kema, S. Hamza Deciphering durable resistance to Zymoseptoria tritici in the Tunisian durum wheat landrace 'Agili 39' (under revision Theo App.Gent.)
Ferjaoui S., Ben M’Barek S.,. Bahri B, Ben Slimane R. and Hamza S. (2015) Identification of resistance sources to Septoria tritici blotch in old Tunisian durum wheat germplasm applied for the analysis of the Zymoseptoria tritici-durum wheat interaction. Journal of Plant Pathol
I am working on :
Crop Science
Plant Biotechnology
Selection using molecular markers
Keywords : climate change
Project description : I would like to participate on projects involved on field evaluation of barley and durum wheat landraces for adaptation to climate changes. I have screened durum wheat landraces with differential morphological traits between the north (humid conditions) and south of Tunis (arid conditions). We are also devellopping RIL populations for tolerance to biotic stress (yellow rust, septoria leaf blotch and tan spot resistance). Wr would like to join project with the aim to use high throughput genotyping for genetic analysis od adaptive characters
Networking opportunities : Wheat biodiversity and health, 21-24 october 2019, istambul, Turkey

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