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Looking for : a project to join

Title : Mr. Mr
Name : yavuz yavuz
Country : Turkey, Konya
Organisation name : Bahridağdaş internationel agriculture institute
Department / section : Small ruminant breeding
E-mail :
Telephone : +903323551290
Web address :

My expertise / skills : I am a vet and working as head of branch small ruminant breeding . I look for the project targeted on reproduction,genetic diversity loos,genetic resources conservation & valorisation, managing of them, influences of environtment & climat change on domestic animal
I am working on :
Animal Biotechnology
Animal Husbandry
Dairy Science
Livestock Cloning
Livestock Production
Livestock Systems
Reproductive Biology (excluding medical )
Selection and breed improvement
Veterinary science
Keywords : biodiversity
Project description : biodiversity, reproduction,livestock, native breeds, genetic,breeding
Networking opportunities : biodiversity, reproduction,livestock, native breeds, genetic,small ruminant breeding

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